Open Events

Not-Equal partners can access funds to run Open Events that aim to; explore a specific question within the broader challenge areas, develop ideas and/or, build capacity. Open Events might include workshops, design & development sprints, hackathons and theory hacks.

  • Workshops will enable Not-Equal members to explore specific issues within each challenge area.
  • Design and Development sprints, and hackathons aim to build capacity for the development of innovative technologies that respond to particular socio-technical challenges.
  • Theory hacks will support transdisciplinary knowledge exchange and deepen understanding of the different theories, practices and models that frame and inform our understanding of different economies. Such activities use engagement techniques to bring theories to life in practical ways.

Not-Equal will publicise the events, offering partners the opportunity to discuss, propose and subscribe to particular events.

For Open Events no contractual agreements will be issued and no money will be transferred, instead Not-Equal will make any payment related to the event on the organiser’s behalf. Details of the funds required and recipient details will need to be included in the application form.

To apply for Open Event funding please read the Guidance notes, then fill out this application form and email to The Not-Equal team will review your proposal and respond within one month.

Applications will be accepted until 31st March 2021, with all events taking place before 31st May 2021.