Crowdsourcing Wage Pledge

Project Lead

Jamie Woodcock – Open University

Supporting Partner(s) 

Six Silberman, IG Metall, Hannah Johnston, Independent

Project Summary

Crowdworking platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and Prolific Academic often pay workers around two dollars (USD) per hour and most requesters pay less than five dollars. Despite these low wages, findings from a 2018 survey conducted by the research team found that many academic requesters currently set wage targets and would be willing to commit to them publicly. 

This project will formally institute a ‘Crowdsourcing Wage Pledge’ for the purpose of improving wages for crowdworkers, thus ensuring fairer futures for digital workers in the platform economy. Given the transnational nature of crowdwork, working conditions and pay are difficult to regulate. Voluntary yet enforceable regulation has proven effective to improve crowdwork working conditions, this project seeks to extend such improvements to wages.