Designing Security Infrastructures for Communities with Sensitive Data

Project Lead

Vasilis Vlachokyriakos, Newcastle University


Rachel Clarke, Newcastle University 

Supporting Partner(s) 

Angelou Centre, Melissa Network, Sociality 

Project Summary

This project will work with initiatives of migrant women across two countries; UK & Greece. These initiatives promote empowerment and active citizenship with a particular focus on gender-based violence. The team consists of two migrant women communities, Angelou Centre (UK) and Melissa (Greece), the University of Newcastle and a team of developers and researchers from Sociality (Greece).  

These groups will work closely in order to develop and prototype activities that unpick the sensitivities of technology use and data management in such complex contexts. The project aims to create opportunities for mutual learning between such migrant women’s communities in the UK and Greece in order to produce a digital system that will enable them to complement as well as broaden their work online.