Equally Digital/Digitally Equal (ED/DE)

Project Lead

Joanne Armitage, University of Leeds 


Helen Thornham, University of Leeds

Chris Birchall, University of Leeds 

Supporting Partner(s) 

Space 2, UK ; Espacio Nixso, Argentina; C-Innova, Colombia; Media Lab MX, Mexico 

Project Summary

ED/DE is a partnership between four cooperatives across four countries looking to examine and technologically respond to the challenges of inequality, social justice and enablement in a moment of unprecedented change caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The four co-ops – Space2, Leeds, UK; Espacio Nixso,Argentina; C-Innova, Colombia and; Media Lab MX, Mexico, are each seeking new ways to continue their work and engage vulnerable groups in social justice projects. This project will collectively evaluate these practices and methods to develop new sharable and collaborative practices fit for the current global condition. The project will ask how the lived necessity of digital engagement has reimagined issues of inequality and social justice as datalogical, socio-technical and algorithmic.