Tackling Fake News via Fake People: Co-creating a toolkit to help young people recognise fake news 

Project Lead

Dr Yvonne Skipper, University of Glasgow


Dr Daniel Jolley, Northumbria University

Supporting Partners

Joe Reddington, eQuality Time 

Project Summary

Fake news reaches more people and spreads more quickly than the truth and is believed around 75% of the time, meaning millions of people may have been fooled by fake news. Until young people have the tools to work out the truth, they are likely to be fooled by false online information.  

This project will co-create, test, and widely share a school-based intervention for young people (aged 13) that helps them make better choices around their sources of information, and how they share information. Social media influencers will lead virtual workshops directly with young people, trading on their social currency to maximise the positive impact of the workshop.